Structured finance, project finance and major venture capital procurement

Major Venture Project Funding

Catering to the needs of business professionals seeking alternative funding where typical bank loans fail to deliver. Finance is structured to individual project requirements by knowledgeable finance procurers. Contracts and terms of funding are prepared with all parties achieving desired conditions for a successful outcome. Major funding is assessed on individual an basis in relation to project requirements.

Our professional team can assist with various available finance options

Alternative Funding Venture Capital

We have successfully provided over one billion dollars of finance approvals with a high success rate over traditional lenders due to our many and varied resources. Specializing in structured finance, alternative funding, construction finance, building projects and project funding – we find the right financial solution for you.

Project Funding Alternatives

Australian Construction Money Funding

Every project is not the same! Yet most banks and financial institutions like to think that you will fit into “their” product range. These are usually a set of strict requirements of which most projects will only meet some of what is required to receive the required finance.

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Business Project Finance can guide you to funding success …

Business start up money

So what do you do if the banks aren’t flexible enough to work “with” you on your project? Well this is where alternative funding choices for your business project can give you what “you” need – as opposed to the banks who often “demand” certain requirements from you.

Project funding solutions – The alternative funding choice

Primary industry construction and equipment funding

Our success in funds procurement for all kinds of project finance requirements is second to none. We have thorough real-life experience in construction loan funding, structured finance, provisional loans, and all areas of alternative lending.

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News: Funding Success

Whelan quarry refinance Queensland Australia

July 15, 2017

Queensland – Whelan Group Investment

Provisional Lending: Approvals for the refinance of Whelan Group Investment’s Quarries and farm land.

“The knowledge and expertise of this group is astounding. The finance structures and processes that are utilised to fund a project will only be understood by very few financiers in Australia.” – CHARLIE WHELAN – WHELANS GROUP

Government Housing Project Finance

July 18, 2012

Sri Lankan Urban Development Authority

Project Funding: BPF’s brokerage was pivotal in the procurement of funding for the construction and development of a $43,900,000 contract being for 1,500 plus low cost public housing units required by the Government of Sri Lanka.

Little Hero Construction Finance

December 15, 2012

Melbourne – Little Hero Modular Building

Construction Loans: Provisions of funding for a $15,000,000 building project centering around a new pre-fab modular construction design in Melbourne, Australia. Completed funding for the project on schedule.

Commercial Land Finance

December 12, 2012

Colombo – Commercial Land Development

Structured Finance: We have successfully brokered and facilitated the $600,000,000 development of 6 acres of Sir. James Peiris Mawatha land in Colombo Sri Lanka.

Palm Plantation Finance

December 15, 2012

Malaysia – Palm Plantation

Alternative Funding: Palm plantation to the value of $23,000,000 for a Malaysian client to expand business operations.

Marina Construction Finance

December 15, 2012

Queensland – Multi-berth Marina Construction

Provisional Lending: Funding provisions for the construction of a multi-million dollar boating marina on the Queensland coast.